Former football player Gokhan Zan joins opposition party

He was born in quake-hit Hatay

Breakign News Turkey

As the presidential and parliamentary elections that will be held on May 14 in Türkiye are approaching, the parties are accepting new figures as members.

Gokhan Zan, a former footballer, joined the Good (IYI) Party with his wife Muge Uzun Zan on Wednesday.

The party chairman Meral Aksener wore the badges to the couple. “I come from a geography that cannot raise its head from earthquakes,” said the 41-year-old in the badge-pinning ceremony in the parliament, who was an assistant coach of the Hatayspor football club.

Powerful earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaras on Feb 6 ruined Hatay and caused properties to collapse.

Zan, who is known for his calls for help on social media in the first minutes of the tremors, became a parliamentary candidate from the Good Party. He is expected to run in Hatay, where he was born.

Unal Karaman, a former football player and coach, also joined the party in question.

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