Şimşek meets with French business people to boost investments in Türkiye

The minister invited investors to explore opportunities in Türkiye

Mehmet Şimşek

Türkiye’s treasury and finance minister on Thursday met investors in the French capital Paris.

Mehmet Şimşek conducted roundtable discussions with the French Businesspeople and Industrialists Association (MEDEF), which brings together the country’s leading business figures, as part of his one-day visit.

Şimşek delivered a presentation to business people and investors about Türkiye’s newly announced economic policies.

He is also scheduled to meet with the directors of Europe’s top seven funds, with a total value of $4 trillion.

As part of his contacts, the minister will hold a meeting with his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire.

Furthermore, Şimşek will have a conversation with Fatih Birol, the President of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

At the evening dinner of the Franco-German Forum, Şimşek will meet with French and German investors. During this meeting, he will present Türkiye’s economic policies, Medium-Term Program objectives, and reform preparations to international investors, inviting participants to explore opportunities in the country.

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