EU allocates $127 million for Türkiye, 5 member states to buy shelters

Bloc develops emergency shelter reserve

The European Union has mobilized over €116 million ($127 million) to Türkiye and five EU member states to buy shelters for emergencies.

To develop the shelter reserves for the EU’s civil protection mechanism, the “EU allocated €116.6 million to Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Türkiye,” Balazs Ujvari, spokesperson for crisis management, announced at a European Commission news briefing.

With the financial support, the countries will be able to develop their reserves for emergencies “which would provide shelter for thousands of people,” he explained.

The shelters will be equipped with kitchen and sanitary facilities and are adapted to the needs of children and people with disabilities. The first shelters can be used starting in 2024.

Türkiye, which is also a member of the EU emergency mechanism, quickly received aid for rescue and relief work after the devastating earthquakes in February, which took over 50,000 lives.

Türkiye has also been a candidate for EU membership since 1999.

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